Author of Heaven's Undead, The Ark, Living Dangerously, Rope of Sand, and others.


Robert Hodam, circa 1973

About Robert Hodam

Robert Hodam (1944-present) Born to a family of subsistence farmers in eastern Oklahoma who never reached the eight grade, whose father was a part-time janitor in a small town warehouse, he went on to graduate Stanford University as an engineer, start several global companies in the Philippines and Japan, and travel and work in 64 other countries.

His short stories and novels are based on actual incidents of assassinations, coups, murder and fascinating eye witness accounts that occurred during his travels and consulting work for the World Bank, United Nations, U.S. Congress, Standard Oil, USAID, etc., and on his experience as a Captain in the U.S. Army, a fry cook at Disneyland, an oil field roustabout, bartender at Harrah's Club, and CEO of the International Center for Economic Growth, a global professional network of macroeconomists in 118 countries.

He is recently retired and lives with his wife of 47 years in The Sea Ranch California.

Sea Ranch #1
Sea Ranch #2
Sea Ranch #3
Sea Ranch #4

In 1977 he received an award from the State Architect of California for his design of his innovative low water use-solar-aquaculture-hydroponic house design, which was featured in magazines and newspapers across the country.

Solar Aquaculture Hydroponic House

Robert is also a strong advocate of the Second Ammendment of the U.S. Constitution. He has, and continues to, put significant effort into creating a national database of instances where responsible gun owners have used guns to defend themselves against criminal intent. Learn more about his interest in this area by visiting

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